How to create a new component in svelte using a template - svelte component scaffolding and boilerplate

Create components in seconds using this template and a cli

Create components in seconds using this template and a cli


Creating new components is probably one of the things you do most in svelte.

And to maximize the developer experience, you must automate every task that you do often.

It's not just to save time, but also to avoid repetitive tasks that annoy and distract us developer.

Here we'll learn hot to create your customized component template once and use it everytime.


So imagine to write this command:

npx t6e $name.svelte src/components name=my-component

and get the component as you would have written it, ready into the src/component folder.

It's easy:

  1. Create the template. Here you can find the one we use into our svelte projects:
<script lang="ts">
import { createEventDispatcher } from 'svelte';
import { writable } from 'svelte/store';
const dispatch = createEventDispatcher();

const store = writable({
hello: ""


<div class="$name">

<style lang="scss">
.$name {
@apply block
  1. name it $name.svelte and put it in a templates folder

  2. to create your component, run

npx t6e templates/$name.svelte src/components name=counter

  1. you're done. A new fresh component was save in the src/components/counter.svelte: $name was replaced by counter in both the file name and the file content

You can now re-use that template for all your components, saving hours every month.

What is t6e?

T6e is an open source scaffolder, boilerplater or put simply it lets you create any file based on your custom templates.

We created a template for svelte above, but you can create any template and reuse it as you like with this small open-source tool provided by us at butopen

You can find t6e here:

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